Anna Sheffield

Stacking Pair No. 06

Stacking Pair No.06 makes the champagne diamond ring a covetable commodity times two with the hand set Attelage eternity band alongside...


Stacking Suite No. 03

Our signature black diamonds are the highlight of Suite No. 03 in a tiered fashion, including the Tiny Wheat Eternity, Hazeline...


Stacking Pair No. 03

Dainty, exceptionally feminine, and perfectly petit, the Eleonore 'evol' ring Pair No.03 is coming with a faceted, black diamond, set inverted...


Stacking Pair No. 01

Classic and feminine, while perfectly petit, this Eleonore 'evol' ring Pair No.01 with a champagne diamond, set inverted in its teardrop setting, is...


Nesting Pair No. 03

Like all tiny things in the AS collection, these precious bands are they are greater than the sum of their...


Nesting Pair No. 08

A classic bimetal duo with a pop of ruby brightness, Nesting Pair No.08 features a two toned band set including the...


Nesting Pair No. 02

Nesting Pair No. 02, an ode to sacred geometry, effortlessly nestles around a multitude of ceremonial shapes, comprised of the Bea...


Nesting Suite No. 01

Nesting Suite No.01 features a tier of brightly toned precious emerald curve bands set in warm toned rose gold, for a...


Nesting Pair No. 07

Simple and sweet, Nesting Pair No.07 features a duo of white diamond and precious ruby curves in warm toned gold, for...


Nesting Pair No. 05

Simple and sweet, Nesting Pair No.05 features a duo of white diamond and precious blue sapphire curves in warm toned gold,...


Nesting Suite No. 02

Our signature blue sapphires are the highlight of Nesting Suite No.02 in a tiered fashion, including the Tiara, Grand Tiara, and...


Stacking Pair No. 04

A lovely set for ceremony- or just for those who like their diamonds dainty and a touch striking- the Eleonore...


Nesting Suite No. 04

A simple trio of rubies and rose gold, Nesting Suite No.04 features the signature Grand Tiara, Delicate Curve, and Tiara Curve...


Stacking Pair No. 05

Dainty, slightly fierce, and subtly sweet, the Eleonore 'evol' ring Pair No.05 is coming with a faceted, champagne diamond, set inverted...


Stacking Pair No. 02

Stacking Pair No. 02 is unabashingly sweet with its delicate white diamond and ruby dusting in warm toned gold, to create...


Stacking Suite No. 02

Stacking Suite No. 02 features a variety of textures in the way of its namesake's delicate nature. This stacking suite...


Stacking Suite No. 04

The Art Deco inspired Sheaves band is stacked here in Suite No.04 to beautiful affect with a sleek, Diamond Dusted...


Stacking Suite No. 05

In Stacking Suite No.05, two Art Deco inspired Sheaves bands -one tiny with Diamond mirco pavé and one pure gold-...


Stacking Suite No. 06

Stacking Suite No. 06 is comprised of a rose gold and white diamond Art Deco inspired Sheaves band and two...


Nesting Pair No. 04

Simple and sweet, Nesting Pair No. 04 features a duo of champagne diamond and precious emerald curves in warm toned gold,...


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