About Anna Sheffield

Anna Sheffield Bridal offers a timeless alternative to the traditional world of Commitment and Fine jewelry with an extensive collection of finely crafted baubles. Our elegant array of rings includes signature styles of mixed precious metals, inverted-set diamonds and solid gold gemstones. The Anna Sheffield collections are crafted from the most exquisite materials and with the utmost attention to detail. With EFD as a partner, Anna Sheffield has access to the highest quality conflict-free diamonds, as well as precious, rare, and antique gemstones to ensure that all of our jewelry is not only exceptional, but truly one of a kind.

Anna Sheffield is a New York-based designer hailing from Northern New Mexico.  Anna designs jewelry from a personal and thoughtful place, seeing it as a form of creative expression informed by her Fine Art background. Jewelry for her is simultaneously talismanic and precious in a way that imbues objects with personal histories and makes them deeply meaningful. The most fulfilling part of Anna’s process is knowing that her creations are both dear and enduring to those who possess them and are destined to be passed down for generations.