Anna Sheffield

Hazeline Suite No. 01

The Hazeline Suite No. 01 features an Old European diamond center perfectly contoured and mirrored on each side by a...


Hazeline Suite No. 02

Featuring its perfectly petite namesake followed by its curved counterpart, Hazeline Suite No. 02 comprises of two of the Hazeline...


Hazeline Suite No. 03

A trilogy of its namesake, Hazeline Suite No. 03 features a solid gold gemstone center surrounded by a duo of...


Hazeline Suite No. 04

Hazeline Suite No. 04 features its namesake's cornerstone, with solid gemstone center, accentuating by the Crescent band, and its tiny...


Hazeline Suite No. 05

The black diamond center of Hazeline Suite No. 05 gives this 'heirloom-to-be' a modern twist, stacked with a blackened traditional...


Hazeline Suite No. 06

The fiercely feminine Hazeline Suite No. 06 features a black diamond center to truly give this "heirloom-to-be" a modern twist, with...


Hazeline Suite No. 08

<meta charset="utf-8" /> A classic set with a delicate silhouette as its centerpiece, Hazeline Suite No. 08 features an opaque...


Hazeline Suite No. 09

<meta charset="utf-8" /> In Hazeline Suite No. 09, the classic Hazeline silhouette is paired here, in diamond dusted form, with...


Hazeline Suite No. 10

The Hazeline is a cornerstone of the Anna Sheffield ceremonial collection. A classic style with a delicate silhouette, this timeless...


Hazeline Suite No. 11

Hazeline Suite No.11 features a cornerstone of the Hazeline collection, the Three Stone Hazeline, with a round black diamond center...


Hazeline Suite No. 12

The Hazeline Suite No.12 features a tiering of black diamonds set into warm toned rose gold, a delicate half carat...


Hazeline Suite No. 13

Hazeline Suite No.13 is comprised of a timeless trilogy of white diamonds with two nesting bands of its likeness, the...


Hazeline Suite No. 14

Featuring its perfectly petit namesake engagement ring, Hazeline Suite No.14 is a stellar accompaniment with two of the A.S. collection's...


Hazeline Suite No. 15

A classic set done noir, the Hazeline Suite No.15 features a rose gold Hazeline Solitaire with a magnificent black diamond...


Hazeline Suite No. 16

Hazeline Suite No.16 features a rose gold Hazeline Solitaire with a lovely black diamond center and tiny white diamond details at...


Hazeline Suite No. 17

The twist on the classic and eponymous Hazeline solitaire en suite with a plain New Moon and Butterfly Tiara has...


Hazeline Suite No. 18

The twist for this classic Hazeline solitaire is imagined in timeless trilogy – rose, white and yellow gold. The suite...


Hazeline Suite No. 19

The Hazeline Solitiare is a corner stone of the Anna Sheffield ceremonial jewelry collection. A classic style with a delicate...


Hazeline Suite No. 20

The Hazeline Solitiare is a corner stone of the Anna Sheffield ceremonial jewelry collection. A classic style with a delicate...


Hazeline Suite No. 21

The Hazeline Suite No. 21 features an Round Brilliant diamond center perfectly contoured by a curving cluster of white and black...


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