Flying Flowers

Beauty takes flight with the new Flying Flowers collection. At once delicate and daring, inspired designs pay tribute to the ephemeral allure
 of the butterfly. With gestural brilliance, bejeweled silhouettes evoke the evanescent dynamism of wings, or the unique radiance of a butterfly’s markings.

Prismatic Pieces

From graceful chrysalis silhouettes to magnificent open wings, each Flying Flowers jewel celebrates the beauty of transformation. Adorning ears, glittering at the neckline and alighting on hands, designs unfurl in a kaleidoscopic array of gemstones and diamonds. Referencing nature’s own diverse creations, earrings range from the majestic Swallowtail butterfly, worn as a single ear cuff alongside a jeweled stud, to myriad hues of winged pairs in flight. Extravagant cocktail rings and covetable stacking bands complete the look, bringing the beauty of the butterfly down to the fingertips.

“The butterfly is a flying flower, The flower a tethered butterfly.”
—Ponce Écouchard Lebrun

In the Studio

From the first sketch to the final flourish, each piece undergoes a transformation of its own. The process begins with Anna’s drawings and design exploration. As the jewelry begins to take shape, details emerge; intricate embellishments, sinuous wisps and calligraphic lines give each style its singular silhouette. After casting, loose stones are carefully selected and meticulously set by hand. With outlines in diamond pavé and a final polish, the creation is complete. Encapsulating the alchemy of metamorphosis — a truly unique piece of jewelry shining with a beauty all its own.

The Flying Flowers collection will be available exclusively in the Orchard Street Atelier on May 8th, and launching online May 16th. To make an appointment to view the collection please email

“Some finished butterfly,
Some breathing diamond-flake with leaf-gold fans…”
—Robert Browning

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